Enjoy motorcycling on some great South Australian roads for half full day tours


Rad Tours provide motorcycle tours throughout the Adelaide region; popular routes are on the Fleurieu Peninsula, the Barossa Valley and through the Adelaide Hills.


Guided tours are available several times a week most weeks of the year. Bookings can be made for up to twelve months in advance, please call or email Rad Tours if the required date is less than one week away.


We can provide custom guided tours for up to 300 kilometre tours to meet your preferences. Availability depends on when you would like your tour, please call or email Rad Tours for more details.


Our bikes are all Benelli BN600R, four cylinder, 600 cc machines. They are comfortable, modern and well suited to the riding that will be enjoyed on your tour.


Rad Tours - Motorcycle tours for a guided self riding experience through South Australian scenery on some of Australia’s best motorcycling roads

Packaged half-day or full day tours with a variety of destinations; depending on which day you wish to ride. We can also create a custom tour designed around your requirements, interests and motorcycling riding experience.

All our tours are fully guided, with motorcycle riders who have many years riding experience and know the regions we ride in well. For insurance reasons, riders must be 25 years or older and have held a current unrestricted motorcycle license for at least two years.

We offer riding experiences in the Fleurieu Peninsula and Barossa Valley regions, both of these regions have routes riding through the amazing Adelaide Hills, and we can also offer ride experiences that stay entirely within the Adelaide Hills region riding through orchards, forests, small villages and general farmland.

All the tours are designed for a mix of riding and sight seeing, with carefully selected locations offering photo opportunities along with scheduled stops at selected cafes and restaurants for refreshments and comfort stops.

Safety is very important to us and we offer the hire of riding gear including helmets, gloves, jackets and boots, or alternatively you are very welcome to bring your own riding gear. If light rain is forecast we can also provide wet weather gear. We do not ride in heavy rain or poor weather conditions. Please visit the FAQ web page for further details on riding gear.

If you are wondering whats on in Adelaide for motorcycle riders then click on the View Tours button above.


 We would love to hear from you please phone us on +61417887839 or email with any queries


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